OneDrive 17.0.4031.0219

Access OneDrive from your Mac desktop

OneDrive for Mac is the easiest way to access OneDrive files on your Mac. View full description


  • Access OneDrive easily on your Mac
  • Integrated with Finder
  • Keeps files synced across PCs and Macs


  • Only works on Lion
  • Dock icon remains while managing files

Very good

OneDrive for Mac is the easiest way to access OneDrive files on your Mac.

When you install it, a folder is created on your computer. Everything you then place in the folder is automatically kept in sync between your computers both Mac, PC and This means you can access your files anytime, anywhere. You can access your files directly from Finder meaning its very easy to transfer and manage photos, documents, and all your other important files.

One annoying thing is that the icon stays in your Dock while you are managing files. However, you can manually hide it from the Dock using Terminal by typing "defaults write /Applications/ LSUIElement 1". You may need to restart the client if it was already running.

Note that in April 2012, Microsoft announced a reduction in free SkyDrive storage for new users to just 7GB unless you are a current user and specifically opt to keep the 25GB storage limit.

OneDrive for Mac is an essential download for users of the service.



OneDrive 17.0.4031.0219

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